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Tips for Posting Questions and Answers


  1. If you need an immediate response to a problem you are having, please contact our product support number +1-801-477-4700. Please refrain from using phrases like "I need this now!!!"
  2. Please do not use all uppercase or lowercase letters. It is difficult to read and visually distracting. Please use proper spelling and grammar.
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  1. When posting your question, try to be as descriptive as possible.
  2. If your question is about a particular Sawtooth Software product, try to specify which product and version you are using.
  3. Make sure to add relevant tags. Good tags are usually single word nouns like 'conjoint' or 'simulator', however multiple words can be joined using a hyphen, i.e. 'ssi-web'.
  4. Registered users can edit their questions, so if you need to clarify something or want to update it for any reason, edit your existing question instead of posting an answer or comment.


  1. Welcome all new users warmly.
  2. Since answers are sorted by usefulness, try to word your answer in a way that keeps others from having to read through all the answers and comments.
  3. Registered users can edit their answers, so if you forgot something or want to update it for any reason, edit your existing answer instead of posting a new answer or comment.

Inserting Code

If you would like to insert a snippet of code, place the text [code] before the snippet and [/code] after. It will then be displayed in a code-friendly manner.

If you know you're posting perl code, you can also use [perl]...[/perl] around your code and it will use perl syntax highlighting to make your code more readable. You can do the same for Javascript ([js]...[/js]) and CSS ([css]...[/css]).

Forum Use and Rules

  1. This forum is designed for the benefit of Sawtooth Software users and other interested parties. The subject matter should focus on marketing/opinion research practice, tips for Sawtooth Software users, and the improvement of Sawtooth Software tools.
  2. Participants are invited to post questions, answers, or comments. We encourage participants to share information openly to promote general learning, in the spirit of cooperation, fairness, and integrity.
  3. Networking is encouraged. Self-promotion is discouraged. Postings that are profane, lewd, obscene, illegal, or of an illegal subject matter, or link to another site that is profane, lewd, obscene, illegal, or of an illegal subject matter are strictly prohibited.
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