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How do I upload utility and label data to the Sawtooth online simulator?

I cannot find any steps or instructions regarding how to upload my utilities and labels data into the online simulator. It just says utilities should be in *.csv format and labels should be in *.labels or *.xml. I'm used to applications like excel and SPSS where all my data (including ID, segments, labels) can be saved in one file.  What program should I use to save the data in the correct format so I can upload it? I tried microsoft excel but it wouldnt accept the labels file. Also, what should the files look like in the program I'm using to save the data in the correct format? (e.g. does each column signify a variable and each row signify a respondent?)

This 30 day trial for the online simulator will be pretty useless without an explanation regarding how to upload the files :((
asked Mar 15, 2012 by anonymous

1 Answer

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Utilities are generally uploaded to the simulator in one of two file formats, either an *.HBU file or a *.CSV file (which requires the additional labels file).

If you create your utilities with one of Sawtooth Software's products, then one or both of these file formats will be created for you.  How are you calculating your utilities?

If you would like to email us directly we could give you a data file in one of these formats with sample data in it for evaluating the simulator.  Email support at sawtoothsoftware dot com.
answered Mar 15, 2012 by David Squire Silver Sawtooth Software, Inc. (6,155 points)