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Take photo with capi

Dear All,

We need to add ''photo shot'' button at the end of the questionnaire and it should be use our tablet's own camera. And when we export data in CSV file, we will see the picture name of each record.

How can we do this? Please help to answer and detail to me because it is very very important.

Thanks in advance.
asked Jan 14, 2016 by Saroeun
In our webinar we mentioned that we are considering adding the ability to capture photos from our CAPI app in the future.  This is something that many have asked for, but it might take more than a few months to actually get it in the software.

1 Answer

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Hi Saroeun,

As per latest CAPI/SSI 9 webinar, this feature is under development & should be available in coming months. This is not readily available as of now in Sawtooth.

answered Jan 14, 2016 by Saurabh Aggarwal Gold (34,700 points)