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Data generator not starting at desired spot

Hi forum,

I am trying to test some data capture and using the data generator. I set the "start at question" to the second to last page but it appears to be cycling through the whole survey. No other selections are chosen.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Any resolutions/solutions? Thanks.
asked Jan 7, 2016 by WTW_cal Bronze (1,595 points)
Could you provide more information about which version of SSI Web are you running? What kind of question are you skipping to? Are you using the skip to question in the browser or not of the data generator?
Hi Mike. I run 8.4.8 currently. I skip to a text-filler question just before the term-link question. In the software, I used Field\Generate Data. Does that help?
Do you have the 'use browser' checked or not?
No, only the "start at question" checkbox was/is selected.

I am testing with that box selected, and so far, so good.

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