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Using SetValue?

I was wondering if variables that are defined in the Pass-in Fields and are calculated using SetValue (not an actual pass-in field) will have their own space in the future? (Maybe in their own section called "Survey Fields")

Furthermore, when using SetValue, sometimes you forget where you have used the function to set a particular value.  Maybe automate a location descriptor to assist the user?

Just a thought.
asked Dec 21, 2015 by Paul Moon Platinum (98,670 points)
We do recognize that pass-in fields and SetValue() is kind of a hack at the moment, so I do hope we add just some kind of a "survey variables" area where they would reside in the future.

If the plans go well on adding more general interviewing question types over the course of version 9, I think we'll need to redesign the whole "Add Question" area to accommodate that, at which point we'll probably add some area for managing survey variables that aren't used in questions.

I'd have to think about the location area.  My short answer would be to crack open your .ssi in Notepad and do a search for SetValue() and look to see where it is in the file (as a workaround, of course).  Maybe optimistically, there could be some type of global search that takes you to questions based on text and it would work with script, question text, answers, etc.  I've added that idea to our ideas database to see if it gains any traction.
Appreciate your comments Brian. Thank you.

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