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Hosting Issue with Godaddy server

I believe some one might  faced this kind of difficulty earlier, hence any thoughts would be helpful for us.

We are using godaddy hosting for internal testing purpose. Recently moved the hosting to linux+cpanel, and when trying to upload the survey from SSI, we could not able to do so, and we made sure all the required software's already installed in the server as per the below Email.


And we are getting the below error:

"An Error Occurred while checking for remote survey path for uploading. Failed to connect to the database. Can not find database driver mysql.

System Error:install_driver failed . cant locate DBD/mysql.pm in @ INC.........."

To made sure this, we tried to connect to the data base using simple php, java programs, and it could be able to connect the DB, but not from SSI.

However lately I understood that in cpanel, we have to add our local ip's to connect the hosting DB, since it is not feasible for my requirement, I moved to windows + plesk, but still there is no luck

This, time strangely we are getting http 404 error saying unable to access the study, please check web root url and remote study path settings" when working with auto upload.

When tried with manual upload, again getting the same DB related error as described above.

If any one have the solution or work around to work with godaddy hosting, please share.
asked Nov 23, 2015 by Ravi

1 Answer

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The error you are describing with Perl relates to the Perl libraries that need to be installed and accessible to the Perl interpreter. It is saying that the Perl libraries "DBD::mysql" and " DBD::ODBC" Are not installed. Is it possible to install the needed perl libraries using cpanel?

Here's GoDaddy's documentation on adding Perl modules using Cpanel: https://www.godaddy.com/help/installing-modules-for-your-cpanelwhm-server-8824
answered Nov 23, 2015 by Jonathan Huff Bronze (1,575 points)
Thanks for getting back on this. I installed those libraries too in cpanel, but still the same error used to get, hence I moved to windows + plesk panel.

Godaddy support team is claiming that these libraries already installed in server. Unfortunately, like cpanel we can not have the chance to look about the modules which already installed in plesk panel.

I will speak with godaddy once again.

However,if you understand why do we get http 404 error usually between SSI and hosting server, it will help in the discussion with godaddy support.
Hi Ravi,

Did you end up getting this to work on CPanel?