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Recall / Display BYO profile in ACBC with constructed attribute list

Hi everyone,

I am programming an ACBC in SSI 7. I make use of the constructed list functions to create an ACBC in which every participant only answer questions based on the 7 most important criteria (attributes). The original attribute list has 10 attributes.

Everything works fine and I understand that SSI will set the relative importance for the 3 attributes not included in the ACBC task to zero during utility estimation.

Here comes the problem: I try to display the attribute labels and attribute level labels of the profile selected in the BYO section after the ACBC task
For the labels of the attributes this is easy, I simply used the SSI ListLabel function with the constructed list of the 7 chosen attributes in front of the ACBC. For the attribute levels, however, I have a really challenging problem. I understand that, in principle, I can use the ACBCBYOLabel(ExerciseName, Attribute#) function implemented in SSI 7. Unfortunately, this do not work properly with the constructed attribute list. For the argument Attribute# I used 1 – 7. The first attribute level label returned is correct, however, than the wrong level labels are returned, based on the specific attributes I have chosen in front of the ACBC task.

It seems like the members of the list ACBCBYOLabel(ExerciseName, Attribute#) is based on are not numbered from 1 till 7 in case of a constructed attribute list. My guess is, that the numbering is analogous to the parent predefined attribute list containing all 10 attributes. Unfortunately, I am not able to write a code that allows me to only display the attribute level labels for the BYO profile.

Can anybody help me? I am a psychologist, needing urgently help from someone who understand the programming better than me.

Please excuse my limited English skills.

Best Regards

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asked Nov 16, 2015 by Marcel (290 points)
closed Feb 22, 2016 by Marcel
This is probably best served by e-mailing your study files to support@sawtoothsoftware.com so we can take a look at what you've attempted and perhaps help a little more.