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v8 test data generation

Hi, I tried to use the SSI web data generator on v8, but it wasn't working. What does the field "script file" refer to?
How many respondents does the SURVEYNAME_data1 table take until there is a "*_data2" table created?
If I don't get the data generator running, I could as well upload randomly generated dummy data using PHPMyAdmin, right?
Could I also use this approach to create a "*_data2" table myself for testing purposes if I change the value in the "num_data_tables" field in the "*_info" table to "2" or would that make me run into trouble?
Regards, Thomas
asked Mar 4, 2012 by thagel (255 points)
retagged Sep 13, 2012 by Walter Williams

1 Answer

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The Data Generator that functions with V7 is incompatible with V8. V8 is different enough that a new and improved Data Generator will have to come out.

The script file is an optional parameter available for you to force respondents to answer a certain way.  This is helpful for getting through screener questions.

Data tables are based on the number of fields your survey requires.  NOT the number of respondents.  I believe you will see a new data table for every 1500 fields your study requires.  The only limits on the number of respondents is how big mysql database tables can be.

You can use phpmyadmin to add random data if you wish.  You could also try using Selenium, a web based macro recorder to generate some data.

If I were you, I would not mess with the *_info table unless you wish your survey to not function.  SSI Web uses that to map out what tables the data fields belong to, along with many other things.
answered Mar 6, 2012 by Mike Lodder Gold (22,975 points)