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total utility


Is there a way to view the total utility(attractiveness) of a concept? Or I just have to do it manually, that is adding all the utilities of the levels in that concept?

asked Mar 2, 2012 by anonymous
retagged Sep 13, 2012 by Walter Williams

1 Answer

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Our advanced simulation module (ASM within SMRT) has a simulation mode which shows you the total utility of a product.

But, if using any of our other tools, you just need to sum them manually.  Sorry.
answered Mar 2, 2012 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (176,515 points)
I'm using SMRT version 4.21.0. I can't seem to find how to see the total utility. I tried the example of product optimization without competition but I can't find the "Product Search" option under Operating Mode. The only options there are Simulation and Sensitivity. Please help, Thanks!
When you are editing your simulation scenario under the Scenario Specification dialog, make sure that the Display Utilities (in the lower left) is clicked.  

Then, simply add the utilities corresponding to each level of the product of interest.

The "Product Search" option is only available if you own an Advanced Simulation Module license and if the license is installed properly.
Thanks Bryan. I think the SMRT version 4.21.0 includes the ASM or Advanced Simulation Module, doesn't it?
It includes ASM only if you have purchased a license for ASM and have installed the license codes properly.
oh..so you mean purchasing it separately? I thought it's already included in the package of SMRT. My mistake, so I'll do this manually..Thanks!