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How do I analyze my Data from the .cho file in the SMRT software?

Hello everybody!

Unfortunately I am stuck in the analysis of my CBC Analysis. I have collected all my data (around 3000 respondents) and am now looking to run a logit model in SMRT. I prepared the file through SSI Web and wanted to start my logit model. Before computing my utilities, SMRT offers me to set a filter to my data. This allows me to filter out those respondents that did not answer my fixed questions (check-questions for those respondents that don't pay attention) and those that did not complete the entire survey.

However, when I check those boxes in the respondent filter window it does not seem to remember my choice and therefore does not allow me to set several filters. I am running SSI Web 6 and SMRT 4.23.0.

I would really appreciate your help and hope that there is a solution to this problem.

All the best, Benedict
asked Aug 4, 2015 by Benedict

1 Answer

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The .cho file only contains the choice data, so you would need to import a CSV file of the non-choice data in order to use the filters.  This would be done in SMRT by going to File -> Merge Variables -> Add.

It might be easier, however, to filter the data before making the .cho file.  We released a data cleaner tool back for version 6 that allows you to set up a filter file and clean up the .dat file.  It's towards the bottom of our Downloads page at http://www.sawtoothsoftware.com/support/downloads.

The data cleaner will allow you to create a clean .cho file and run the logit model in SMRT.  However, if you have a license for CBC/HB, we would recommend running the data through that to get individual-level utilities and use those in simulations.

The current version of the software has all the analysis options (counts, logit, Latent Class, HB) embedded in SSI Web and is a lot easier to use.   The next version will also replace SMRT with a simulator inside SSI Web. You would qualify for a 40% discount on the upgrade, and essentially get Latent Class and HB for free, with a free upgrade to version 9 when it is released.  Send an e-mail to support@sawtoothsoftware.com if you are interested in an upgrade quote.
answered Aug 4, 2015 by Brian McEwan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (55,820 points)