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Not getting type suggestions for lists and 'view data' in admin module wont work

Hi All. I am not getting auto-complete feature for predefined lists I have created whenever I type in my constructed lists and in skip logic. I feel there's something wrong with the ssi since all my other studies work fine. I'm using ssi web 8.2.4

Secondly, for the same ssi, I am unable to view data on the admin module(on the server. works fine on the admin module locally). It just shows: processing... and nothing comes up.

Please help.
asked Jul 11, 2015 by Niks Bronze (620 points)
reopened Jul 24, 2015 by Niks
Sorry you didn't get an answer, this is probably something you need to contact our support team and send us the files you are working on.
Thanks Brian. Can you send me the support contact details? I'll send my files for review.
Support@sawtoothsoftware. Com

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