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Inserting incentives in CBC survey and ensure anonymity of responses?

I would like to give incentives (for example, coupons/vouchers) to respondents of my Survey. How can I add such an incentive in my CBC Survey and still assure anonymity of responses? Do I include a link at the end of the survey, where respondents can click and give their email addresses in order to receive the prices won? Could anyone please explain this to me in detail? I would really appreciate it!!!!
asked Jul 7, 2015 by anonymous

1 Answer

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Yes, you could redirect them from the end of the main survey into another form/survey where you don't link the results.  However, it wouldn't assure anyone that it is anonymous, because you could link the data that way.  It COULD assure you that no one internally in your organization would link the data, which may or may not be a concern.

If you do that, though, technically they could complete that last prize draw part multiple times with different email addresses if they're clever (because you aren't tracking their unique IDs).  It probably wouldn't happen though, because they would need to understand how the links work, not to mention use multiple different email addresses (otherwise you could just look for duplicate email addresses).
answered Jul 14, 2015 by Joel Anderson Bronze (1,585 points)