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Recording click patterns for shelf-facing conjoint.

I'm designing a shelf-facing conjoint with at least 6 shelves and likely 6 to 10 SKUs on each shelf. Some SKUs will need to be blocked together as they would be on a conventional retail shelf, e.g., all flavors of Brand A in size 1 are together, etc.

In addition to choices of products, I'd like to capture the physical shelf location of clicks so that shelf location can be analyzed separately and along with the product information.

I'd be very grateful for any information on how to record the shelf locations of the SKU choices. Can this be done using built-in Sawtooth Software functions or does it need to be programmed in JavaScript or some other language? If the latter, do the choice screens need to be designed in Free Format Questions or can the programming be included with pre-formatted CBC questions in SSI Web?
asked May 6, 2015 by Caper (140 points)

1 Answer

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I don't see why anything fancy would need to be done.

Please verify for your study that the concept choice (as recorded in the .CSV, .CHO, or .CHS export of your CBC data) would tell you exactly what position on the shelf a SKU appeared in (e.g. top shelf, bottom shelf, middle shelf).  For example, concepts 1 through 6 are always top-shelf products, 7 through 12 are middle shelf products, etc.

Then, with some back-end post-processing of your .CSV or .CHO file (whichever you prefer), you could add some new independent variables (attributes) to the experimental design, such as a new attribute describing if the concept is on the top, middle, or bottom shelf.  Assuming you have an experiment where the SKUs changed positions on the shelves (say, across people), you could estimate a shelf position effect in addition to the typical brand and price effects.  This would need to be done by modifying your .CSV of .CHO file (to add the new attribute to the design) and submitting the new .CSV or .CHO file to CBC/HB standalone system or Latent Class standalone system.
answered May 6, 2015 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (176,515 points)
Thank you. In this study, the SKUs will change positions on the shelves and a study objective is to identify if some shelf positions are better than others. So, it appears that I would follow your recommendations in the 2nd paragraph.