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250 respondents including the "incompletes"?


for an academic lab subscription it says "Data collection and analysis limited to 250 respondents per survey". Does that mean 250 "Qualified / Complete", oder 250 including the "Incomplete" ones?
So do I have to delete some "Incompletes" in order to get 250 "Completes"?

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asked Apr 22, 2015 by gbuchhol (200 points)
I also use the academic lab version which is limited to 250 respondents.
I already did my survey and in total 300 people participate whereas 50 are incomplete. How can I ensure that my complete / Qualified responses are downloaded and not the incompletes?
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2 Answers

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The limit is on the number of "Qualified/Complete" surveys.  You can only have up to 250 complete data records per survey if you have the Academic Subscription.

I'll fix this on the website.  Sorry for the confusion.

answered Apr 22, 2015 by Justin Luster Silver Sawtooth Software, Inc. (7,775 points)
selected Apr 23, 2015 by gbuchhol
Thanks for clarifying Justin.
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I believe the academic license refers to a restriction of 250 "completed" respondents per survey.
answered Apr 22, 2015 by Paul Moon Platinum (83,375 points)