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Ranking & free format question

Dear All,

I got 2 ranking questions containing same list of items (9 items) and ask respondents to select top 5 most important in 2 scenarios :
a) before showing a product concept
b) after showing the product concept

but I would like  in the scenario b)  show each respondent his/her previous ranking.  So it should look as below:

                  your old ranking  (1-5)    your new ranking (1-5)
item 1         (numeric input)
item 2
item 9

I wanted to use free format question for this task but my version of SSI web (v.7) doesn't support ranking for the free format. Theoretically I could use java script verification to force respondents (in the column 'new ranking') to input only unique answer and limit to max. 5 but Im afraid of complexity of possible options I should take into account. I would be grateful for any ideas that could help to sort it out in simpler way...

All the best !
asked Mar 16, 2015 by robson Bronze (905 points)

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Hi Robson,

You should create grid question instead of free format after showing the product concept. This grid should be column-wise format, first column (your old ranking  (1-5) )should be numeric response only and optional, second column (your new ranking  (1-5) ) should be as ranking type. Now you should put some java-script code for first column, where you need to show result from previous question and disable these numeric box. So User only can see their previous rank cant modify.

Let me know if you need code for this.
answered Mar 16, 2015 by Rajesh Rana Gold (24,715 points)
selected Mar 16, 2015 by Rajesh Rana
Thank you Rajesh for your quick reply . I was not aware this can be possible... I would be grateful for the sample of the code I should input in the first column.
Nice solution Rajesh.
Thanks Paul.