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Importing HB utilities to SMRT

Trying to import utilities for my 321 respondents (calculated in HB ver. 5.0.0) from .hbu file to SMRT (ver. 4.18.2) thru run manager but get an error message.

Deleting the last respondent in .hbu file allows to proceed but SMRT tells me I have only 160 respondents (while from .cho file it is able to read all 321 cases).

Don't use conjoint often and haven't used SMRT before - am I doing something wrong or is this a compatibility issue between my versions of HB and SMRT?
asked Feb 25, 2015 by Konstantin (120 points)

1 Answer

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Without seeing your .hbu file, it would be difficult to know why the import is failing.

However, I would strongly recommend updating both SMRT and CBC/HB to their latest versions (v4.23.0 and v5.5.3 respectively).  Both are free updates.

After you update, run the estimation again and then try the import again.  If you continue to have problems, please contact me at walt@sawtoothsoftware.com.
answered Feb 26, 2015 by Walter Williams Gold Sawtooth Software, Inc. (22,905 points)
Hi Walter, thank you for your prompt reply.
Installing the latest versions solved the problem.