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Merging Different Constructed Lists

I have 2 predefined list of 6 images and need to show 1 random image from list A and 5 random images from list B in a free format table. I created 2 constructed lists, so I can randomize the items and pick the first from list A and the first 5 from list B.

I have used the ListLabel function to call all 6 items into the cells of the freeformat table. The challenge is that this method assigns a fix position for items of each list. Since I'm only showing 1 out of 6 from List A, this would introduce order bias (the brand is easy to recognize), so essentially I need to be able to show the random selected items from both lists (1+5) in random cells in the free format table.

I thougth I could do it by merging the 2 constructed lists in a third constructed list and then randomize the items but not sure how to do it since they have 2 different parent lists.

Any thoughts of how to do this?

asked Feb 19, 2012 by anonymous
retagged Sep 13, 2012 by Walter Williams
Thank you Paul for the detailed explanation. You are a life saver!
Thank you Bryan as well!

2 Answers

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Have all the items start from the same parent list.  Then, you can move the first 6 onto a new list, randomize them for the fist question (picking just the top item from the randomized list).  Then, move the last  six items onto a new constructed list, randomize those, and pick the top five from that one to show.
answered Feb 19, 2012 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (198,315 points)
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We can sort this problem out for you.

You can create a parent list that contains all 12 images from the A+B lists.

Let's call this parent list ImageList ...

1 Image 1A
2 Image 2A
3 Image 3A
4 Image 4A
5 Image 5A
6 Image 6A
7 Image 1B
8 Image 2B
9 Image 3B
10 Image 4B
11 Image 5B
12 Image 6B

Create one contructed list that selects from the A images and one constructed list that selects from the B images and then combine the 2 constructed lists. The parent list for all of these 3 constructed lists will be ImageList.




You can now have access to the 6 randomly selected images (1 from A and 5 from B)  via teh constructed list ABSelConList.

Use the following ...

1st image - [%ListLabel(ABSelConList,1)%]
2nd image - [%ListLabel(ABSelConList,2)%]
3rd image - [%ListLabel(ABSelConList,3)%]
4th image - [%ListLabel(ABSelConList,4)%]
5th image - [%ListLabel(ABSelConList,5)%]
6th image - [%ListLabel(ABSelConList,6)%]

Good luck.
answered Feb 19, 2012 by Paul Moon Platinum (98,670 points)