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Replacing a free format variable name with selection to a question in future questions.

I use a template for a bunch of surveys I code.

I use a free form variable to fill in the name of the school I am surveying, so I don't have to replace the school name in all of the questions each time I code a survey.  Often times I am just typing a school name after the "value=" part of the code below.  However, this particular school has asked that instead of using the name of the school in each question, I use the TeacherGroup that the respondent selects in the first question of the survey (from a radio button list).  This question is called "TeacherGroup".

 I know the first part of the code works, as the part following  "value=" is the only part of the code I have changed. Can anyone tell me why the below code is NOT working?  

<input name="Schoolname_name" id="Schoolname_name" type="hidden" value=[%Label(TeacherGroup)%] >

<input name="Schoolname_name" id="Schoolname_name" type="hidden" value=[%Label(TeacherGroup)%] >

Thank you!
asked Feb 6, 2015 by Elise

1 Answer

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For the HTML input statement, I believe you need to put the value in quotation marks like the name, id, and type: value = "[%Label(TeacherGroup)%]"
answered Feb 6, 2015 by Nathan Bryce Silver (9,505 points)
Hm, I just tried that and it doesn't seem to be doing the trick.  Good suggestion though.