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Passing ID from Sawtooth CAPI back out to Confirmit survey


This is a follow up to:

Has anyone had experience of linking a Sawtooth CAPI survey  component within a Confirmit survey. (I have no experience of Confirmit.)

The programming team (remote from me) report they can pass & store the Resp ID in the Sawtooth CAPI survey, but passing it back out to Confirmit for the rest of the survey is problematic.

Has anyone done this passing out of the ID from Sawtooth CAPI into Confirmt (presumably via the Terminate link) ?
Is there  any advice one can share on difficulties to overcome in doing so?

I appreciate this question is rather vague, even the most general of answers on perceptions of ease/difficulty would be appreciated.

asked Feb 5, 2015 by dan r Bronze (4,025 points)
retagged Sep 1, 2016 by Walter Williams

2 Answers

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Passing sample fields in and out of Sawtooth surveys is well explained under the Sawtooth help. Enter "Linking to other surveys". Passing variables out to another Sawtooth survey follows the same rules as passing in.

When linking to another website or survey, you need to go to the Settings tab within your Terminate question. Click on the "Link to a Questionnaire or Website" tick box. Also enter your URL in the text box. I would test this out first by linking to a familiar website like your home page or the Sawtooth website.

The trick here is to have your Confirmit contact(s) inform you of the Confirmit survey link format/syntax. The Confirmit survey link will have the ability to pass Sawtooth fields/questions to the Confirmit survey.

I also assume when leaving the Sawtooth survey you want to classify it as a completed status so make sure the Terminate Status has been set correctly (also under the Settings tab).

One last note - Sawtooth has the ability to link to another survey and then return back to the original survey at a specific question via a "skipto" feature within the survey link. There's a few more settings/issues you need to contend with here but it's a nice feature to have. This will be useful if you are trying to go back to the Sawtooth survey. I can guide you if necessary.
answered Feb 5, 2015 by Paul Moon Platinum (97,470 points)
Thanks Paul,

I am pretty happy re passing IDs in/out - the black hole for me is Confirmit and whether the remote partners' use of it throws up any fundamental difficulties in this passing of IDs back out from Sawtooth CAPI.

I take your answer to indicate that you don't think there is (but perhaps I am just hearing what I want to hear!)

You should not have any issues passing Sawtooth data via a survey link to Confirmit. The feature should be available. It's just a matter of being supplied the survey link format by your 3rd party.
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Passing info back out is easy enough through the terminate link.  If your SSIWeb survey has a pass in variable defined.  Let's assume you have a Pass-In field called "RespID".  At your terminate question, you can't have any text if you are using the redirect link, and on the Settings tab select the box for "Link to a questionnaire or Website".  In the space provided put the link text for where you are redirecting to.  (i.e. http://www.linktext.com).  At the end of that link you can add data from your survey using "&" followed by the SSIScript tag to call data from your survey.  So, to add RespID your link would look like this:  http://www.linktext.com&[% RespID %]

Hope that helps.
answered Feb 5, 2015 by Jay Rutherford Gold (49,130 points)