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how to call constructed list in a freeformate Question

can any any one plz tell me how to use constructed list in a free formate Question.

please help.
asked Feb 17, 2012 by Gaurav (260 points)

1 Answer

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Not the nicest problem to have.

What's the reason behind wanting to have a constructed list for a free format question anyway?

Here's a possible solution ...

Let's say you had 10 options at Q1 which are displayed at Q2 (the free format question).

You could save the "1 option chosen at Q1 free fromat script" as code 1 in a parent list all the way through to the "10 options chosen at Q1 free format script" as code 10. Include all versions in this parent list. We will call this list Q2FFScriptList.

You could write a constructed list (Q2FFScriptConList) to select the appropritae script ...

Begin Unverified Perl





End Unverified

To display the correct script at Q2, you would simply pop [%ListLabel(Q2FFScriptConList,1)%] in the question script box at Q2.

To select the correct codes from Q1, construct a list (Q2ConList) which would contain the following ...


When using HTML script to display the codes selected, use something like this ...

<input name="Q2_CODE" type="radio" value="[%Value(Q2ConList,1)%]">[%ListLabel(Q2ConList,1)%]<br> - this would display the 1st code from Q1.

<input name="Q2_CODE" type="radio" value="[%Value(Q2ConList,2)%]">[%ListLabel(Q2ConList,2)%]<br> - this would display the 2nd code from Q1


<input name="Q2_CODE" type="radio" value="[%Value(Q2ConList,10)%]">[%ListLabel(Q2ConList,10)%]<br> - this would display the 10th code from Q1

Each list item displayed would keep it's original value and label from Q1, as you would expect.

Unfortunately, this solution gets ugly if you have many codes at Q1.
answered Feb 17, 2012 by Paul Moon Platinum (99,340 points)