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Eliminate non-relevant responders via Filter

Hello all,

at the moment we are using SMRT to analyze our survey. We want to exclude non-relevant respondents, who just answered all time in the same way to finish the survey as fast as possible.

Example. Respondent X gives five relevant answers. After that he becomes irritated and always gives the same answer for every following questions.

So is there a filter, which is able to get us rid of those respondents? For example exclude all respondents, who gave 6 times the same answer in a row.
asked Jan 7, 2015 by Erik Haraldson

1 Answer

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There's nothing automated in the software for that kind of logic, unfortunately.  You would probably need to create a CSV of that kind of a variable (0=bad, 1=good, or something similar) and import it in to SMRT to use as a filter.

However, you should consider if this is the best approach.  If you were using HB, and had a large number/proportion of these "bad" respondents, you probably would want to remove them prior to utility estimation with a filter back in SSI Web.

As a counter-argument, though, it's possible that someone could choose the same answer several times in a row in the conjoint.  Since there's no correlation between the spot a concept shows up on the screen and the  levels it contains, it might be that the same concept has the best  combination of levels for a person several screens in a row.

In general I would recommend an approach that uses a few things, such as straightlining, time to complete the survey/conjoint portion, and probably the fit statistic that gets calculated to identify "bad" respondents, rather than solely relying on one metric alone.
answered Jan 7, 2015 by Brian McEwan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (56,045 points)