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Counting analysis not available in SMRT

Dear Sawtooth users,

I imported the .hbu file into the SMRT package with the aim to compute counting analysis as well as rescaling utilities.
Utilities seem to have been imported successfully since all 4 additional files have been generated.
However, in the window on the left counting analysis does not appear within my "Workspace" tools (nor does "Tables").
Moreover, when running the market simulator the number of respondents is 250 (instead of 811 as in CBC/HB) and I do not have filters on.
The funny thing is that if I upload the same .hbu file in other working spaces that function properly, then I can perform counting analysis and the number of respondents is also the right one.

Any idea on what might cause this problem?

asked Dec 8, 2014 by anonymous

1 Answer

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.hbu files only contain the respondent IDs and part-worth utilities.  To run counting, you need the raw data within SMRT (what the respondent's saw in each choice task and their answers).

To do that, you need to import the .CHO file into SMRT.  Within SMRT, click File + Import, then browse to your .CHO file.

Academic lab systems are limited to 250 respondents, so it's possible you are currently using an Academic Lab license for SMRT, but trying to analyze a project with more than 250 records.  If you believe you have a professional version of SMRT rather than an academic license, please contact support at sawtooth software dot com via email or call 801/477/4700 and ask for our tech support folks.


answered Dec 8, 2014 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (198,315 points)
Thanks for your answer, Bryan. Indeed I did not import the .CHO file in SMRT.
However, I am currently using an Academic Research License, which I guess as no such respondents limitations.