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Pass ID in/out on a CAPI survey

I need to combine  a v.8 Maxdiff study with non-Sawtooth survey  components which are being programmed onto laptops by a Mkt Research company.

The maxdiff component will be in the middle, so I need to pass in/out some ID that will link records across the 3 components (pre, maxdiff, post).

I’m familiar with pass in ID for online panels, but never used CAPI.

I can’t see this described in the manual/forum – any advice, is it possible?

asked Dec 4, 2014 by dan r Bronze (2,240 points)
retagged Dec 4, 2014 by Walter Williams

1 Answer

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The process is nearly identical, with just a few tweaks.  If you have the CAPI module already running and run a test survey, you might find that your first link is something like this:

which then quickly changes to something like this:

Taking the login.html link above, you can follow the same instructions in the Knowledge Base article at www.sawtoothsoftware.com/passin or the Help Documentation and turn it in to a login-bypass link.  The main differences is that your URL is local to your computer ( in this case) and you are running a file called ciwweb.exe, rather than ciwweb.pl like you would on a web server.

So, if I had a pass-in field called RespID, I could take the above and make a link like this:
answered Dec 5, 2014 by Brian McEwan Gold Sawtooth Software, Inc. (47,900 points)
Thank you Brian, that's really helpful.