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The function call "Remove Next" does not exist. I am using 8.3.8.

I am trying to change the "Next" button on the last question in the survey to say "Done"
I can create a new button that says "Done" but I cannot remove the one that says "Next"
I used the text "Next" instead of the forward arrow next.png

I get an error when trying to remove the next button.
The function call "Remove Next" does not exist.  I am using 8.3.8.

Thanks much!
asked Oct 18, 2014 by Annie

1 Answer

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Try adding code like this in the question's "Advanced" button on the HTML <head> Tag:

#next_button {
answered Oct 18, 2014 by Gary Baker Silver Sawtooth Software, Inc. (7,920 points)
Thank you.  That worked.  
While this is not overly important relative to the excellent statistical benefits Sawtooth offers,  some of the free online software actually have three next buttons - one to start the survey, one for next and one for done.  It would be great if Sawtooth just put this in, in their next revision.
You can go a step further and add a suspend button.
Can you comment more on what the "Done" button would do?  Can a respondent restart after they click done?
We just want the final button to say "done" when the survey is complete so it really is a "submit survey button."