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Moving data from SSI Web to SMRT

Hello everyone,

I've created a CBC plus additional questions in the SSI Web software. If I got it right, I have to move them now to SMRT for analysis. The Sawtooth Manual tells me I have to "Compute utilities using logit, latent class, or HB within the SSI Web system.  When utility estimation is run, a generic utility file with an extension .hbu is saved to a subfolder within your SSI Web project." first.

And here's my problem:

If I go to the SSI Web Software and choose Analysis -> Estimate CBC utilities - other methods --> Logit, at first an error occured saying there are no data available (although I've imported them by choosing Field --> Get Data before) Now for some reason I am able to choose the Logit Funktion which gives me a button saying "Estimate utilities". If I select that an error message occurs saying: "Cannot perform the logit analysis without the ...cgi file". The three points define the path where the cgi file is located on my computer, which means the file is existing.

Can anyone tell me if I have to upload the cgi file to SSI Web or how I can generate the .hbu file to import this to SMRT?

Thank you very much in advance!

asked Oct 8, 2014 by S.
retagged Oct 8, 2014

1 Answer

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The message about the .cgi file is probably referring to the design file.  When you click "Generate Design" in SSI Web, a file is produced that contains all the profiles to show to people, and the analysis routine needs this file because your answers only contain things like "Option 2 was chosen in Question 1."  With the design file, the software doesn't know what Option 2 was.

Because your data is missing and your design file is missing, it sounds like you have moved the files around on your computer and didn't take everything with you.  The .ssi file contains your questions, but other files, like the data and design, are required for running analysis.  If you can find these files (we default to Documents\Sawtooth Software\SSI Web\Studies\Your_Study_Name) then run the analysis.  You could also give our support line a call at 1-801-477-4700 and we can walk you through things your first time.
answered Oct 9, 2014 by Brian McEwan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (56,045 points)
This was very helpful! Thank you!