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Rank with 'other'

I'm looking for a survey solution that allows me to set up a list for ranking, but allows the responder to add an item to the rank list.  If they do this, I'd want to require them to add a description to the item, and then I'd want the next page to be a form where the person has to supply details about their 'other' choice(s).  I'd want a form completed for as many 'other' items they chose to add, before they can submit their rank list.  Can Sawtooth handle this scenario?

asked Oct 6, 2014 by Keith
I'm sure there's a few ways to accommodate this, but it depends a bit on how you want it to work.  For example, will the respondent always be only adding a single item to a list?  What kind of layout do you want to add the item, the form, and how do you want the resulting info incorporated into the next list?  I'd maybe shoot an e-mail to support@sawtoothsoftware.com with perhaps a Word mockup of how you want things to look/work and we can probably push you in the right direction.

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I was working on a possible solution whilst you lodged your post Brian. Apologies for the clash.

I agree with Brian, there are a number of solutions to this and it all depends on what you really want.

This is one solution I came up with and it works nice. Maybe you will like it?

1/ Decide on the maximum number of additional items you would like ranked. In my example I'm capturing a maximum of 3 additional items. I'm also assuming you have 5 fixed items.

2/ Setup 3 O/E questions and place them on the same page. Call them QV1/QV2/QV3. Make them single line, non-compulsory. Your script will say something like this - "We are about to ask you to rank the following 5 items [display 5 fixed items]. Would you like to add any additional items to this list? Please type the additional items in below."


3/ You parent list (ItemList) will be setup as such ...

1 Item 1
2 Item 2
3 Item 3
4 Item 4
5 Item 5
6 [%Value(QV1)%]
7 [%Value(QV2)%]
8 [%Value(QV3)%]

4/ You will then need to setup a constructed list which will get Items 1-5 always and only gets the additional items if they were typed in at QV1/QV2/QV3. Here's the constructed list (ItemConList) ...
Begin Unverified Perl


 if (length(GETVALUE("QV1"))>0)

 if (length(GETVALUE("QV2"))>0)

 if (length(GETVALUE("QV3"))>0)

End Unverified

4/ When you setup your ranking question, use the constructed list ItemConList as your items to rank.

So this approach sets the ranking items up before you get to the ranking question. Once you know the additional items, you build the total items list (Items 1-5 + any additional items) and then perform the ranking.

Hope that helps.
answered Oct 7, 2014 by Paul Moon Platinum (98,670 points)