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Error: Sawtooths hangs up

Dear all,

we uploaded three parallel cbc-surveys.
There's an  error in those (although sawtooth doesn't report any errors):  participants told that the survey stops, site hangs up and continuing is not possible (about the half of participants).   

We checked the influence of browser ( Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome), there's no pattern.

Did anyone have the same problem? What could be the reason for it?

Thank you!
asked Sep 8, 2014 by Veronika
Call Sawtooth direct.


I'm sure they would want to see your Sawtooth files to sort this issue out.
It may be your database connection. If there is high traffic in your survey, I am sure, some people are getting max user connection reached out message.
Thank you!

Database connection could be the problem. Unfortunately, participants don't get a message, they just cannot go on.. So they break up the questionnaire.

Well, I will try to contact sawtooth. Thanks!

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