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SSI Web 7_0_30 chrashes when opening editor

Dear all,
I run SSI Web 7_0_30 all worked fine but now SSI crashes each time I try to open the html-editor.
Is there any solution to that issue?
Best regards
asked Jul 21, 2014 by Till
Could you be a little more specific?  Does the program just disappear, does it lock up, is there a runtime error with a log?
Hi Brian,
program froze and got somewhat foggy then dissapeard without any runtime error. I experienced that for some days and even after two re-installations.
But now out of a sudden everything works fine again :-)
I'll come back to you in case I'll see that happen again.
If you recently changed from having multiple monitors, it could be that the window was "remembering" where it last was and was opening off screen instead of correctly seeing you were missing a monitor and changing its location.  If it happens again please contact support
Ok, that might be the reason.
I constantly change between multi and single monitor.
Ideally it's not supposed to happen :)  I switch between just the laptop screen and multi monitor while at the office and don't usually run into issues.  If it happens again, it's probably not actually freezing up but trying to show up off screen.  You can hold the Windows key and hit left/right arrows to move it around.  There's also a keyboard shortcut to get to the Move option illustrated at http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows/bring-misplaced-off-screen-windows-back-to-your-desktop-keyboard-trick/

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