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Sawtooth Quota Control-Always qualify

I want to create a quota to control the max number of respondents within each group (selected in A1);

for Apple users:
value: 1, cellname: apple, CellLimit: 500, Qualification Logic: A1=1
For Samsung user:
Value : 2, Cell name: Samsung, CellLimit: 500, Qualification Logic A1=2

then comes the question,I want to create a third quota to monitor the non-apple users and non-samsung users.  Can I use qualification logic of" always qualify" to cover the rest of respondents (non-apple and samsung users )?? Or apple and samsung users will be included in the third quota??

Many thanks
asked Jul 14, 2014 by anonymous

1 Answer

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No, if you use always qualify, all the user will come to third quota once your cell1 and cell 2 is done with their target. I mean, once your any Apple or Samsung quota fulfill 500 limit, those user will go to third bucket which is 'always qualify'. You should use below condition for third quota bucket instead of 'Always qualify'.

not(A1=1 and A1=2)

Let me know for more clarification.
answered Jul 14, 2014 by Rajesh Rana Gold (24,715 points)
Depending on the variables, if it's single select I think you'd want to do not(A1=1 OR A1=2).  You could also do A1>2 for the "other" as well.
And if you don't have a target in mind for the non-apple and non-Samsung quota, just set your cell limit to something very high like 9999.