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How can I solve sawtooth error #129 ?

I`ve been facing a problem uploading my questionnaire.  I have already checked if the questionnaire has any errors and I have, also, checked it locally and works fine but in the last step before uploading it I keep taking the same message:  
Sawtooth error #129 cannot find path file. Please check the error log for details. It is possible that this error was caused by a network error. Please try to refresh your browser or try to backup and submit again. If the error continues please contact the survey administrator.
I have tried all the proposed solutions but nothing works. Could you suggest of anything else? I would appreciate it.
asked Jul 9, 2014 by Dimitra
Hi Dimitra, could you please clarify a few things?  Is the software giving you an error as you are uploading the survey, or when you try to take the survey?  If taking the survey, what link are you using?  If uploading, are you trying to use the auto-upload feature of SSI Web, or uploading manually using a separate FTP program?  Are you self-hosting the survey, or is this on our hosting system?  If self-hosting, does your server require a common cgi-bin?  What version of SSI Web are you running?  Perhaps providing a step by step walkthrough of what you are clicking on and such can help us as well.  You can also e-mail things in to support@sawtoothsoftware.com.
Brian, I also faced same problem yesterday. I was using v8.3.2, i tried auto upload as well as ftp but same problem for few min. I was using vps hosting. It works later by itself. Let me know if it was due to any version issue. I thought it is my service provider.
Hm, it would seem odd that it would be a software issue if it happened and then stopped without anything changing.  Unfortunately I'm not familiar enough with what would cause this during the web upload process, we'd probably need one of our developers to take a look while it's reproduceable?

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