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Rolled-up utility calculation

I am at design stage and was wondering if CBC HB can support hybrid rolled-up estimation. Below are the specs:

There are 36+ products + new product X in the market so typical CBC would not work.
Instead, I am showing product file in traditional way and asking following questions:

Q1. Purchase likelihood (Rating scale)
Q2. Likelihood to replace product currently use (PIPED from stated question before conjoint - 36 products).
Q3. Likelihood to replace product with key competitor (only one) [SHOW IF AWARE OF competitor brand]

I will be showing Q2 and Q3 in traditional conjoint format where scenario 1 will be simulated features showed in Q1, scenario 2 will be Q2 (no levels just brand name) and scenario 3 will be Q3 if applicable.

My question is:
1. Does this approach makes sense.
2. For analysis level, I will rollup the brands by manufacturer to create manufacturer portfolio (approximately 3-4 manufacturers). Essentially, we are not interested in brand level but only at portfolio level and cannibalization effect. How would I estimate utilities for this type of setup?

This is interesting yet complex approach and never tried before. Any input will greatly help to pull the strings together.

asked Jun 25, 2014 by Mike

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