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Custom ACBC Pricing Terms Attribute - Dynamic Dependent Pricing Levels

Large multinational telecom provider desires greatly to improve its application of promotional pricing and long term/every day pricing within its product portfolio--dynamically calculated levels are needed to reflect promotional vs. list price elasticity $$$. Non-programmer research analyst would like to incorporate such a dynamic reference of the 'standard rate' relative to the 'initial price', with the two pricing attributes joined with a dynamic mathematical reference, which would serve  as levels of summed price in order to reflect the obfuscation and mental math required in service decision making.

Need programming ninja with ability to produce a bona fide hack for such a display. Bounty can be negotiated, but depending on complexity and speed, analyst could secure a several thousand dollar reward in exchange for this desired deliverable.
asked Jun 17, 2014 by Telecom schlub

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