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Add a grid header over just a part of the grid + use constructed list


Is it possible to add a header above just a part of the grid? The part with the 4 point scale needs to be filled in seperately from the 'noticed - Yes/no' part.

         Noticed?        When noticed, what has been the influence
                             None     Limited    Moderate    Large
Communication 1    yes/no    •    •    •    •
Communication 2    yes/no    •    •    •    •
Communication 3    yes/no    •    •    •    •

Followed on this question, I would like to ask more information regarding the communication that has been noticed (so when commnunication 1 = yes, more info is needed). This comes in the following grid:

                         None     Limited    Moderate    Large
Communication 1    Action A    •    •    •    •
                         Action B    •    •    •    •
Communication 2    Action A    •    •    •    •
                         Action B    •    •    •    •
Communication 3    Action A    •    •    •    •
                         Action B    •    •    •    •

How can I:
A. Make this grid
B. use a construced list to enter the needed communications

Thanks in advance!

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asked Jan 17, 2012 by anonymous
Check https://sawtoothsoftware.com/forum/201/free-format-random-list-members-resorted-into-correct-brands there are a few images and a sample file to achieve the headers

the constructed list logic should be something like

where grid1 is your grid question above and yes/no column is a checkbox

1 Answer

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RE adding text above the radio columns (from none to large): have you tried adding this text to the "Grid Header" field on the "Grid Text" tab?
answered Jan 17, 2012 by Ryan Bronze (695 points)