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How can I use different lists (ie, response options) for each column in a multiple-response column-based grid question?

asked May 31, 2014 by Beth

1 Answer

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Your question is a bit vague?

You may need to program a free format question as it sounds like your problem is not something the standard Sawtooth questions would handle, hence, a the use of a free format question.

You can have differing input types (numeric, check boxes, etc.) for different rows / columns within a grid. Is that what you mean?

If you can send me some more details, I'll try to assist further.
answered Jun 1, 2014 by Paul Moon Platinum (98,670 points)
And you can have different lists appearing in combo boxes too within the same grid.
Thanks so much!  That is just what I needed to know.  I will either restructure the question or learn to do free format programming.