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ISP that plays well with SSI-Web V8

I just upgraded the server for the custom domain I use for SSI-Web surveys and there is some incompatibility with mysql database (this is a Blue Host Virtual Personal Server). Their shared hosting worked fine as long as you don't have too much traffic at any one time. They haven't been able to help with what seems like gnarly Perl issues.

I'm looking for suggestions for an external hosting service that DOES work well with V8 and can handle a large number of database connections at once.
asked May 23, 2014 by Paul Riedesel

2 Answers

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Used VPSLink, Natro and no issues at all..
answered May 28, 2014 by Mithat Bronze (4,815 points)
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I'm using inmotionhosting.com for my server.  I was initially on their basic plan which worked fine except that sometimes if I had a project with a lot of images in the graphics folder it wouldn't upload all of them consistently and I would end up needing to FTP in to get it done.  So then I switched to their VPS hosting and it's working great now (their VPS allows SSH, which is supposed to help).
answered May 28, 2014 by Joel Anderson Bronze (1,585 points)