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Picture in tool tip

<code>Mono Sound&nbsp;[%ToolTip("(<u>?</u>)&nbsp;","Sound from one ear piece", 225, 15)%]</code>


Instead of question mark I need to insert an image.

Kindly help
asked Apr 23, 2014 by Abdul Bronze (2,630 points)
retagged Apr 23, 2014 by Walter Williams

1 Answer

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You can simply mention the path of image here!! I hope you must have tried it, are you getting any error in this?
answered Apr 23, 2014 by Saurabh Aggarwal Gold (33,600 points)
Hi Saurabh,

I am using the below code and getting the following error

[%ToolTip("(<img src="[%GraphicsPath()%]Apple.JPG" alt="" border="0" width="">)&nbsp;","Apple", 225, 15)%]

Error: List 'checkList' Member 1 - '[' is an invalid character.

This will not work as you are using [% in another [%.

see the second example. (note if you copy and paste that code, the quotes on that page are the web-safe fake quotes or something so will need to replace them with real ones or you'll get an error)
You can make a predefined list with item name as ,

<img src="[%GraphicsPath()%]Apple.JPG" alt="" border="0" width="">

now, in Tooltip, you can write as:

[% ToolTip(Listlabel(imagelist,1),"Apple") %]

I hope this will work.