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Display questionnaire on an iPad

Hello everyone!

Currently, I am preparing a questionnaire for fielding on 8 iPads. The plan is to stand infront of particular stores, interviewing the customers before and after the store visit. Participants have to do a conjoint study and some grid questions (Likert-Scale).

I was wondering if anyone has some experience with iPads and the best display of the exercises and grid questions. Have you kept the window width and hight at default value or did anyone manipulate the window sizes? I would like to avoid scrolling on the page etc. The questions and tasks should appear completely on the window.

Thanks in advance!
asked Mar 28, 2014 by CBCTim (140 points)
retagged Mar 28, 2014 by Walter Williams
Which version of SSI  Web are you using? Version 8 includes styles that can adjust for screen size for portable devices.  Do you have an iPad to test with? If I were in your situation, I'd use one of the Flex styles, test it out on an iPad, and then adjust if necessary.
Thank you so much Aaron! Are the Flex styles specifically named? Would "simple" be a Flex style from the predefined syles library?

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We have used SSI Web 8.3.2 to administer surveys on IPADs.  We adopted the default settings. This has worked very smoothly.  The surveys look very professional and the touch screen contributes to a user-friendly survey process.   Our survey works best when presented horizontally (landscape).  To avoid the need to scroll, we adjusted the number of survey questions presented on each page.
answered Apr 4, 2014 by cunnic Bronze (1,440 points)
edited Apr 4, 2014 by cunnic
Whilst it is nice to fit all questions on a survey page without any scrolling, I think  it is far more acceptable these days to have surveys with scrolling. With the greater  usage of iphones, smart phones, etc., scrolling is just common practice.
Thank you so much for the answer! May I ask you, what adoptions you have made at the default settings?
We simply accepted the default settings.