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Holdout (fixed) tasks in ACBC don't appear and data is not recorded


for my ACBC I have created three fixed holdout tasks (I added a separate CBC with only fixed tasks), located in the Tournament Section of the ACBC

My problem is that it seems that not all the respondents see all fixed tasks/not all the data is recorded as in the output data, the field for the 3rd fixed taks is empty a lot of times. This might be due to the adaptive number of choice tasks the respondent sees, however, the fixed tasks should always be included.

Is there any way how to make sure that the data for these 3 choice tasks is recorded?

Maybe: Put it in the beginning/end of the choice tournament?

Thank you so much!
asked Mar 25, 2014 by Lena

1 Answer

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All of the questions in the ACBC tournament are not guaranteed to be shown.   After the tournament is finished the software skips to the first question after the last ACBC Choice Task.  I'm guessing your hold outs are being skipped.

We will consider adding a warning to the software if we detect non Choice Task questions in the Choice Task section.
answered Mar 25, 2014 by Justin Luster Silver Sawtooth Software, Inc. (7,875 points)