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Progress bar - estimated %

I'm trying to understand the mechanics behind the estimated % for the progress bar where your survey contains loops. I was testing the progress bar against a loop question and the default progress bar method is misleading as the progress bar just sits in the one  position and treats the whole loop question like it is a one page question.

So going to the alternative method, I'm a bit confused with what % I should use. I understand it is an estimate and not an exact science.

Referring to the Sawtooth help ...

Question seen method:  This method shows progress based on (#questions seen)/(total number of questions based on Estimated % of questions each will see).  This method potentially works better for questionnaires involving loops and randomized blocks.

I'm also wondering how a loop question with say 5 pages  would be treated in this calculation? Would it be 1 (referring to the question) or 5 (referring to the number of pages displayed)?

Appreciate any assistance. Thanks.
asked Mar 12, 2014 by Paul Moon Platinum (85,380 points)

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