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How to set up a quota based on complete quesionnaires?

Hi everybody,

I need a quota (percentage of answered questionniares) for age, gender, occupation and region which is based on answered questionnaires?
In my study I need 51 % female and 49 % men. I also need 3 % who are from age 14-19 years old, 18 % 20-29 years old and so on.

How can I set up this quota which is based on the total amount of answered questionnaires?

Thanks everybody
asked Jan 13, 2014 by Daniel

1 Answer

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You need to setup a number of quota questions. Make sure you place them after the questions like age, gender, occupation, region have been answered.

To setup a new quota question, click the ADD button and select Quota.

Give you new quota questions names like QTGender, QTAge, QTOccupation, QTRegion.

Let's assume you are setting up QTGender. You will need to define the following under the Cells tab by clicking on the Add button ...

Value=1, Cell Name=Male, Cell Limit=? (whatever your target is)

Value=2, Cell Name=Female, Cell Limit=? (whatever your target is)

Click the "Qualify if the following logic evaluates to true" and insert the condition logic for Male and Female (e.g. Q1=1 or Q1=2). Click the tick button to be sure your logic syntax is correct.

Under the Settings tab, select the question to skip to for those respondents who do qualify for any quota cells.

Under the Advanced tab, you have predictive quota options which basically make your quota allocation more effective / efficient. It comes in handy when quotas are strict. I suggest your read the Sawtooth HELP for this feature before deciding if you require it.

When you view the admin module, you will see the quotas you defined including their targets and completed survey counts.
answered Jan 14, 2014 by Paul Moon Platinum (98,670 points)
selected Jan 14, 2014 by Rajesh Rana