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Survey on a client website

We are looking at the possibility of having a survey link on a client website. The survey link will be a generic link - no unique passwords will be used.

Respondents can go to the website and click on the survey link at random.

What we would love to do is pass some respondent information from a database or when they login as a member for example.

Imagine a respondent goes to the website, logs in with a member ID (this is not Sawtooth but member login details for the website) then decides to complete the survey. Can we pass the member ID to the Sawtooth survey? One step further, can we extract some respondent details from the client database once they have logged in using their member ID?

Looking forward to some replies.

Hope that makes sense?
asked Dec 19, 2013 by Paul Moon Platinum (98,770 points)
It seems like you would need to somehow use the fact that they are logged in to then present them with a special link, i.e. utilize the member ID as a password, and then for everyone else maybe use a generic password that can be used a thousand times.  This would allow you to preload information in via merged fields.

It also is possible to do SQL queries from inside of SSI Web.  You could then probably do something with the SetValue() function to push those queries to something like pass-in fields.  I think one of my colleagues currently out on vacation has written a few examples of direct SQL queries inside of questions.  Shoot an e-mail into the generic support address and I'll assign it to him for when he gets back.

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I would think the easiest way (if you have access to your site's backend) would be to make the link on your site dynamic to contain whatever information you'd want to pass in, so that once they log in you would pull the relevant fields from your database and construct a pass-thru style link to display on your site. (and add the relevant pass-in fields to your study)
answered Dec 19, 2013 by Nolan Kaplan Bronze (4,090 points)
If like you're saying it has to be a generic link though, have in the past stored the information in a .csv file (or merged fields), so that when they enter their member ID you can look up their record in that file from Perl. (or connect to the database from Perl but the .csv has always been less of a hassle)