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Redirects, Quota setting and disqualified repsondents


I have to include some redirects into my survey, which will be used by a panel company to identify respondents.
I Have 3 redirects, with the ID variable "c": one for Completes, one for Disqualified, and one for Quotafull.

I set up all this into my survey, and I would like to ask your help in reviewing it as I'm not sure that it's done properly:

1)Terminate links:
I created 3 terminate links, on 3 successive pages at the end of the questionnaire: one for Completes, one for Disqualified, one for Quotafull, in this order

2) Completes:
I entered “c” in Pass-in Field with data type Text – Should I select text or number?

And I added the corresponding redirect link on the terminate question Completes (termination status Qualified/Completes)

Respondents are disqualified when they answer “no” to the question” do you sometimes buy bread at the supermarket?” → on the question page, I set-up a Post-Skip logic for buybread=2 skipped to terminate question “disqualified”

I added the corresponding redirect link on the terminate question Disqualified (termination status Disqualified)

4) Quotafull:
I only want to limit the total number of respondents to 300.
I inserted a Quota question on page 1 of the questionnaire, I added a new quota cell with a limit of 300 and I checked “Always qualify”.
I settings, I redirected to the terminate question: “quotafull”

I added the corresponding redirect  link on the terminate question Quotafull.
Which termination status do I have to select here?

I have 2 last questions about this process:
- The panel company will ask me to send over the recorded IDs of the respondents after the survey is completed. Where is this information recorded? How can I retrieve it?

- Now that my survey is set up, is there a way to test if all redirects are working well before launching it?

Thank you
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asked Nov 25, 2013 by Manu

2 Answers

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Hi Manu,
Here are my answers for your last two questions.
1. You can go to your corresponding Admin module. Then download the full data in to local system. In the data you can find a column with related pass in field which will contain all captured data.

2. To Test redirection you need to take unique link and need append the pass in field at the end.
Ex. if your unique link is "www.testsurvey.com/login.html?name='name'&password='pwd' " +.

In the above example you need to add pass in field variable after "+" symbol.
In place of code you can use any type variable, because you specified it as Text. And i suppose pass in field variable must be specified as Text.

By taking second link if you check for termination, in respective redirection you will see the appended  c='code'.
Like this you can check for QuotaFull and Complete also.
answered Nov 26, 2013 by Raj_0 (425 points)
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Dear Manu,

I think is better to use "c" in Password Fields (Not pass in fields) (and is better select text) and in Settings select allow respondents to specify their own password.

Then to retrieve this information you only need to go to your admin module and Click on "Password Reports" where you can download a list (in .csv) with Completes, Incompletes and Disqualified.

We usually send this info to our panel supply directly in .csv.

If you need split disqualified than quotafull, you need to export data and analyse them... but normally is not necessary
answered Nov 27, 2013 by Ramon Bronze (765 points)
Password and pass-in fields for redirection
Thank you to both of you!