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How to evaluate a ranking Question from the online survey.

Hello it's me again.

I am just evaluating my online questionnaire. My last Question was the following:

"Where would you like to by products from XY? Please rank the following answers starting with number 1 as your favorites."

There were 7 answer possibilities.  

In my online Data I know get 7 charts. But how to interpret them? For example this is my data for 1 and for 2 (and this goes on until 7)
1    27%
2    9%
3    7%
4    9%
5    21%
6    22%
7    4%

1    4%
2    10%
3    4%
4    2%
5    7%
6    28%
7    47%

How do I have to interprete these? Whats the winning one? Whats the loosing one?

Thank you for helping me.
Nice greetings
asked Oct 29, 2013 by Verena

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