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Custom alternate colors within any one of the column in the grid

I have a grid question with 6 columns. I want to highlight column 6 different from other 5 columns. I was able to change the color using the CSS.

<style type="text/css">

Is it possible to use a different alternate color schemes for the specified column?

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asked Oct 22, 2013 by Lawrence Bronze (2,100 points)
Can you clarify what you mean by different alternate color schemes?  Are you saying you have row-based alternating colors and instead of one solid color for column 6 you want different alternating colors?
Hi Gary,

Here is the instruction from client for highlighting specific two columns.

[COLUMNS in a grid for response values 1-4; separate columns for last two items].

Here is link showing current setup.

I am not sure whether we can create separate columns in grid for first two items.  So, I have changed the color scheme for the specific columns using CSS. However, it will be good if we are able add alternate colors for the first two columns.

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Did you try something like this
.grid_c6 .alt_color1{background-color: white !important;}
.grid_c6 .alt_color2{background-color: lightgrey !important;}

Of course change 'white' and 'lightgrey' by whatever color you want..

Let us know if it works
Have swing
answered Oct 24, 2013 by phronexia Bronze (3,170 points)
selected Oct 25, 2013 by Lawrence
It works great and looks nice. Thank you!