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Randomized Rows- how is data recorded?

Dear all,

I have several grid questions in my survey in which I have randomized rows to control for order effects.

Now when downloading the data, the output always shows me e.g. "shoppingvenue_r1", "shoppingvenue_r2" etc. instead of the name of the shopping venue as specified by me as list members.

So how do I know which venue was r1, r2 etc.?
And does Sawtooth automatically name r1 as r1 independent from the row it appeared to the participants or does it always name the row, r1 which appeared to the particular participant as the first row.

Please help me, I am desperate on how to interprete my data.
Thought by naming the list members the output will show me the respective names of the venues automatically.

Many thanks in advance.
asked Oct 22, 2013 by anonymous

1 Answer

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Hi, your data points will remain fixed irrespective of randomization order. For eg, if option is at first place in programming file then it will always come in _r1 variable even if it is shown at 4th position.

Further, there is a variable in data file which records the pattern showed to that respondent.
answered Oct 22, 2013 by Saurabh Aggarwal Gold (34,700 points)
Thank you very much! Yes that was what I assumed as well.

So the basic order of the rows is actually the order I entered them into the CBC survey, right? So if I entered shoppingvenue: supermarkets in my questionnaire as first list member (i.e. row 1) than this would equal shoppingvenue_r1, right?

Thank you very much.
yes - correct
Thank you very much, Lawrence!
You helped me a lot.