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To return variable value from previous question


Here is my question setup.

QH- 6 digit number field
QG - 6 digit number field (asked when QH entry is invalid)

I have a variable called "QH" text box storing 6 digit number and validated this field with the help of Java script. If the value is wrong then I have to ask QG again and this time there should not be any validation and respondent can move to the next quesiton even again a wrong entry.

Is it possible to show the error/warning message in the next screen if the value is wrong? In case of correct values it should skip QG question.

Or any ideas in passing variable values between these questions?

asked Oct 21, 2013 by Abdul Bronze (2,630 points)

1 Answer

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You need to  use custom javascript validation on QG questions.

strErrorMessage = "Please use correct number.";

In case you want to insert any skip patter on QG questoins. you need to use some constructed list. First create predefined list with 2 variables, let's saya 1 as valid and 2 invalid. In constructed list, check all digit cobination if these are valid add 1 from predefined list otherwise 2. On QG questions use pre skip if Listvalue(Constructedlist,1)==1 to to next question.

Let me know for more help.
answered Oct 21, 2013 by Rajesh Rana Gold (24,770 points)