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In SMRT simulator, where can i find the individual results?

After use HB got the individual utilities. I come to the SMRT simulator, in the scenario specification window, at the bottom left side. There's a check box: 'Individual results to file'. I checked that box but I cannot find the output file. Does anyone know where is this file? Or is there any other way I can have a look at the individual level results?
asked Oct 14, 2013 by little student

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It gets put into the same folder as your SMRT study, in a file with extension ".shr".  It's just a text-only file you can open in Notepad or Wordpad.  You can also just open or paste the results into Excel.  

Warning: every time you re-run the simulation, it writes the new information to the bottom of the file.  So, it just appends and appends to the bottom each time.
answered Oct 15, 2013 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (198,315 points)
Thank you very much! I found the .shr file!
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