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CBC Shelf Test with Specific Positions

Is it possible to test a shelf (CBC shelf test) with a static planogram, where the products don't change positions?

There are certain conditions where clients want the planogram to show ALL products and to stay in the same positions so only the other attributes randomize.

I believe I can force this to work by editing the design file, but if I did that, I expect I wouldn't be able to maintain orthogonality/other benefits of Sawtooth's design algorithm.  Are those "optimal" design benefits important beyond giving us an extra edge, or is it like moving from 300 designs down to 10, where the extra designs are a nice to have, but aren't critical.
asked Aug 26, 2013 by Joel Anderson Bronze (1,610 points)

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Yes, you could edit the design file.  But, it's easier to do the following:

Within CBC's Design Tab, there is a setting called "Concept Sorting".  Choose "Natural Order" and then specify the "brand/product" attribute.  If you use the Complete Enumeration or the Shortcut method, and you show as many concepts per screen as there are levels of that first attribute, and if you have no prohibitions in place, then each brand will show just once per task, always in the same position.
answered Aug 26, 2013 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (181,965 points)
selected Oct 9, 2013 by Joel Anderson