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ACBC choice task: how can I customize the layout of grayed-out attribute levels?


The background of my table is gray so graying out the tied attributes doesn't look good. Is there any way I can change the fond colour instead?

asked Jun 21, 2013 by AnnaP (120 points)

1 Answer

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If you edit one of your Choice Task Tournament questions then you can choose a Common Level Background Color and Common Level Text Color from the Question Settings tab. Editing one choice task tournament question will have the same effect on all of them.

If you would like to use some CSS then the class "acbc_common_level" will give you control over the table cells containing common levels.
answered Jun 21, 2013 by Jeff Forkner Bronze (2,875 points)
Thanks for getting back so quickly. I tried both and none of them works; I don't know why. I added the following in the css file

    color: #808080;