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Counting, saving and passing-out selections of brand in CBC

Hi everyone,

I have a standard CBC exercise with 10 random tasks and 4 concepts. One of the attributes is the brand and I need to count and save the number of times a specific brand (let's call it Brand X) has been chosen. The CBC in Sawtooth is stitched in a larger survey programmed on another platform. Based on the number of times they selected Brand X, respondents will be shown two different questions, i.e if they selected it more than 5 times, we show them one question and if they selected it less than 5 times, we show them another question.
How can I count, save and then pass-out the number of times Brand X has been selected? Would it be easier if we asked the 2 follow-up questions directly in Sawtooth?

Thank you in advance for your help.
asked Jun 2, 2013 by anonymous

1 Answer

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There is a function used in scripting custom CBC questions using Free Format questions: CBCDesignLevelValue(ExerciseName_CBCQuestionName,  ConceptPosition#, LevelTextPosition#)

Assuming the following:
CBC exercise is called "Pizza"
You want to check the second task, i.e. "Random2"
Brand is attribute 9

If you wanted to pull from the design the Brand level number for the first concept, you would use
[% CBCDesignLevelValue(Pizza_Random2,  1, 9) %]

You can also reference the concept chosen anywhere in a survey by referencing the name of the question, i.e. [%Pizza_Random2%].

By putting the two together, you can retroactively figure out what brand was chosen in the 2nd question with the following:

[% CBCDesignLevelValue(Pizza_Random2,  PizzaRandom2, 9) %]

For the second statement of PizzaRandom2, if I chose the third concept it would evaluate to a 3, and thus the script would look like this: [% CBCDesignLevelValue(Pizza_Random2,  3, 9) %] which would then return the 9th attribute level text from the 3rd concept of the second Random task of the Pizza exercise.
answered Jun 4, 2013 by Brian McEwan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (56,675 points)
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